Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color me unshocked

Betty Broderick denied parole.

No shocker there. I suspect she will be in jail as long as the title of the great Bella Stumbo book about her (named for Betty and Dan Broderick's wedding song) -- "Until the Twelfth of Never."

And you know, since Linda and Dan don't get to come back to life, this is probably right. She didn't give them a chance.

Hard to believe Bets is only 62.

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Kim said...

Don't ask me how I got this jumbled up in my head with Betty Buckley, but for a moment there you could color me REALLY REALLY SHOCKED. Some jumble of Brodericks and Bradfords and Buckleys and there I was, all "the lady from Cats? What did she do? The nice stepmom from Eight is Enough? Now, Nicholas is a mess, but..."