Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yo ho ho...

So at the supermarket tonight, of all places, I spotted a Michael Crichton book I'd never seen before.

Apparently the author wrote "Pirate Latitudes" in 2006 and wasn't exactly in love with it, and after he died, someone found it on his hard drive and decided to publish it a year after he died.

Yeah, not a ringing endorsement, but I can tell you this: When I picked it up at the grocery store I happened to open right to a page where a pirate was smearing cheese on a guy's face and then LETTING RATS EAT IT OFF.

So yeah, I'm gonna read it. DUH.


Fropa Jones said...

I'm in the middle of reading it now, thankfully past the cheese-face part. It's pretty good so far. My boyfriend read it and gave it a 3 out of 5-he said he expects more from Crichton. But I love Crichton and will read anything he's ever written, no matter how terrible (I'm looking at you 'Travels').

Anonymous said...

I have read it. As soon as I saw it in the store I had to have it...I am a huge Crichton fan. (Also, a huge pirate fan.) It wasn't fantastic. It wasn't horrible. But I love Crichton and he is sadly it will have to keep me satisfied.