Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I know lots of people haaated "The Blair Witch Project," but I loved it, and I'm very interested in "Cropsey," a documentary about a Staten Island urban legend that's probably based on a very real child killer.

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growler said...

I grew up in Staten Island. When I was pretty young (in the '70s) I remember being in my friend's backyard and we were digging a hole so we'd have somewhere to hide from "the man who kills children." I also recall some worry from my mom, and repeated warnings about not going with or talking to strangers around that time. Though I can't recall what was going on in the real world then to instill this fear. I did some minor Googling, and found that Rand (going by another name back then) might have had something to do with a child disappearance or three in the '70s.

Rand worked for a time at Willowbrook, a hellhole that gained Geraldo Rivera national fame for his doc/expose of conditions there. I think I recall seeing something about a film being made about Willowbrook, in the "Blair Witch" vein, not long ago. Though this may be the same film as "Cropsey."