Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drink up!

In Minnesota, where I'm from, grocery stores can't sell beer, wine, or liquor, you must go to a liquor store.

Then I moved to Seattle, where beer and wine are available in grocery stores, but liquor is relegated to state-run liquor stores that all look the same.

Now Costco is leading a charge to get liquor more readily available in regular stores here in Washington state. Dude, why not? It seems to work just fine in California.


Maria Hayward said...

The giant Kirkland bottle of vodka is awesome. I think it's made by Grey Goose? Anyway, you look like a total boozehound with it on your bar/counter becasue it really is giant but it is perfect for summer drinks and parties.

Average Jane said...

I grew up in Missouri where they happily sold liquor in the grocery stores. Then I moved across the state line to Kansas, where only liquor stores sell beer and wine. It's annoying as can be.

Anonymous said...

It's annoying in NJ too. I grew up in NY, where they sell beer in every deli, gas station, grocery store, supermarket and 7-11 in the state. When I moved to NJ I couldn't believe that we have to go to a liquor store for beer and wine, but we do. At least there's a liquor store NEXT to most of the supermarkets here. We're not allowed to pump our own gas, either. Very bizarre!

Laurie :)

Nikki said...

Ugh, try living in CT-you can't get alcohol after 8 or 9 (stores individually decide here what time, but state law used to be 8 pm), you can't get alcohol on Sundays, only beer is sold in grocery stores, and for wine and liquor, we have to go to the package store. Good thing I live 5 minutes from the border of NY where the sale laws are nowhere near as strict!

PC said...

You honestly suprise me by using California as a positive example. You must have figured outI love it here, but in terms of morals, ethics,lifestyle, etc. I still am a Michigander at heart.

Pop (Gael's father-in-law)