Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank yew, thankyewverrahmuch

Elvis' favorite recipes. You just know these are going to be gleefully bad for you even before you click. PB and banana sammiches, sure, but also meat loaf, burnt-bacon sammiches, Texas caviar and something called the "Fool's Gold Loaf sandwich."

Also, this is a beautiful slideshow of old Elvis pics. Damn, he was handsome, and pic #19 of the Memphian theater just takes my breath away.
Monday, Aug. 16 is the 33-year anniversary of Elvis' death.


Laurie said...

Love Elvis. I often wonder how things would have turned out had his twin Jesse lived. Would Elvis have still taken the path he did? If not, what would have happened to music without the influence of Elvis? I'm not sure if they were identical twins or not, but can you imagine two men walking around physically looking like Elvis? These are the crazy things I think about - LOL!

Anyway, I wrote down the All Shook Up Baked Squash recipe. It sounds awesome, but maybe I'll make sure our Dr is on speed dial first. Thanks Gael!

That Guy said...

Sam and I made a Fool's Gold Loaf sammich once. Surprisingly tasty, but we both felt like Mr. Creosote after about 3 bites.