Monday, October 18, 2010

In the still of the night

I'm a huge Ann Rule fan, and usually I know when she has a new hardcover (one case, as opposed to her paperback Case Files, which give shorter takes on many cases) coming out.

But I was waiting in the line to mail a package at my grocery store and spotted a new hardcover from Ann Rule, "In the Still of the Night." It's about the murder of Ronda Reynolds, and I'm pretty sure this actually was in one of her case files books as well -- I remember the bit where the chaplain came to her mother's house but had his information all mixed up, so the mom ignored him and went to the airport to pick up her daughter anyway -- and of course her daughter never arrived.

It's funny, I rarely read "real" books any more, I'm such a fan of Kindle for iPhone, but this one I felt like reading in paper format. Pretty good so far!

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