Saturday, October 09, 2010

Jacob's Hope

If this man didn't have anything to do with Jacob Wetterling's abduction, I really feel sorry for him, because it surely seems that everyone believes he did.

This was interesting -- I had not seen that the "person of interest" sat for any previous interviews. It also made me a little sick to my stomach that Patty Wetterling requested and got a private interview with him and flat-out asked him if he took Jacob, even couching it to ask if he was playing a prank that got out of hand.

I wonder if anything relating to Jacob's abduction will ever be learned in my lifetime. I asked John Walsh about this specifically a few years ago -- he said that they would have to find bones, because there was unlikely to be a deathbed confession in this case.

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Anonymous said...

The first article you posted (a few postings down) about this guy stated he ran into Patty Wetterling outside of his health club last year and they sat and had a conversation where she asked him, point blank, if he had anything to do with Jacob's case. Then this most recent article mentions that Patty requested, through the PD a meeting with him (within the last 10 months, from September) where she asked him, point blank the same question. Did they meet twice, or are these stories inconsistent?