Monday, November 08, 2010

Really, Rielle?

I think the main shocker in this National Enquirer story is not that Rielle Hunter is reportedly cheating on John Edwards (what goes around comes around) but is that she at one point apparently dated JOHN CUSACK AND MATT LE BLANC. What is the appeal of this woman? Wait, don't answer that.

I still love Elizabeth Edwards, no matter what the anonymous snipers say about her.

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Altoidsaddict said...

For some reason I have a bit of sympathy for Rielle Hunter - the woman is really, really messed up, and she's had her story exploited by her friends far before this John Edwards business started. I mean, what does it do to a girl when her father is revealed to have murdered her horse as part of an insurance scam, and then Bret Easton Ellis puts her in a roman a clef and there are miniseries and true-crime novels... and she grows up always with her story being told by everyone else but her.

Not that she's all that great a person, but I kinda understand why she would seek out inappropriate relationships and be unable to break a pattern of media exploitation.