Thursday, January 06, 2011

An apology to Cafe Besalu

Cafe Besalu is a much-raved-about bakery in my neighborhood that I've never been to since the line is always down the block.

Apparently this woman and her mom's group hang out there, and have for years, since their kids were much younger. She wrote a beautiful paean to the place after, of all things, being asked to leave after hogging a table! Makes me not only want to visit, but to set up a similar tradition with my friends.

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jess said...

Oh, go to Cafe Besalu. We went there as tourists from out of town and those pastries were the best things I ate in Seattle, the best pastries I've eaten anywhere. I almost want to move to Ballard just so I can go there whenever I want. I guess we got lucky because when we went there wasn't much of a line.