Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Taco Bell gives up

Taco Bell has apparently just given up. Fritos in their burritos? (Yes, I know about Frito pie, but come on!)


ElizabethB said...

When I saw that commercial for the first time, I said "HEY! Fritos pie!" lol

Annie said...

They've had Frito Burritos off and on for a long time! I know I was buying them in the mid-1990s. They just had regular Fritos in them, not the Flamin' Hot ones. I'm not at Taco Bell much anymore, but I think some locations here in Texas kept selling Frito Burritos in recent years. They're pretty good; the chips stay crunchy so they add a good texture to the otherwise mushy burrito. And of course they add salt, and we all know you never can have enough salt in fast food.

Blast from the Past said...

AY- yi yi yiii! I love the Fritos Burrito's!

I've always liked Taco Time better.