Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Comparing chocolate-covered cherries

I thought chocolate-covered cherries looked disgusting and went years without even trying them, but once I did, I found out they were nothing like I expected, and that they actually tasted pretty darn good.

I rarely ever eat them now, but thought this page was interesting, comparing three major mass-produced brands.

Also, who knew the science behind these candies? Not me!

Excerpt: "If you study a chocolate covered cherry you'll note that there isn't a hole or seam on the chocolate where you could shoot the inside into it. To create a chocolate covered cherry you first take a cherry and coat it with an enzyme called invertase. This is usually in the fondant, which when cooled can be molded into any shape. It is this shape that is dipped in chocolate. As the chocolate covered cherries sit for a few weeks the enzyme slowly breaks down the outside of the cherry which creates the liquid inside the chocolate shell."


Sugar Pressure said...

Thank you for the link. I appreciate any and all links to my somewhat new candy review site!

Anonymous said...

I remember the Brach's always had a thick, viscous cordial. I always got my Dad a box every year at Christmas. I can't find them anymore. We always thought we were living high on the hog when we could buy a box of them. Funny, now I can buy any kind of expensive chocolate covered cherry I want, but nothing ever tastes as good as that once a year box that I shared with my Dad.